A Tribute To Finn Otto Hansen




This is the first time these German radio broadcasts from 1970-71 with Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband are being released. The music on this 62-minute CD (15 tunes) is mostly traditional jazz, with a little blues, ragtime, and some evergreens. Papa Bue’s band was about 15 years old – and one of the most popular trad jazz bands in Europe – at the time of these recordings. Finn Otto Hansen is one of Denmark’s finest trumpet players of all time – just listen to his wonderful dynamics and laid-back style on "Out of Nowhere". There is wonderful enthusiasm and energy in the band’s music, and it swings like mad. After listening to this CD one can understand that today – after almost fifty years – Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband is still one of the most popular trad jazz bands in Europe.