Adam’s Rib




It all began with ”It’s Over Now”. Depressed and guilty about his failing marriage Ian Campbell had put his feelings into song form and then, to make it suitable for Lorna, he rewrote it from the woman’s point of view as ”It’s Over Now”. Lorna liked performing the song and commented on the very positive response it so often evoked in women, who obviously empathised with the song’s theme, the despair at the end of an affair. Lorna was long overdue a solo album and, around this song, gradually the idea emerged of an album on the general theme of a woman’s life, with each song illustrating some nodal experience. Lorna was familiar with the songs and she recorded each track as a straight performance, while onto Hugo’s bass line Aiden and Colin laid only a basic chord sequence, embellished by the Qualey guitar magic. On one track we hear the violin of John Sheahan, fabled fiddler with the Dubliners, and on another the harmonica of Roger Marriott.

Lorna Campbell (vocal), Dave Swarbrick, John Sheahan (violin), Aiden Ford (guitar), David Qualey (guitar, finger picking guitar), Colin Tommys (guitar, mandolin, banjo), Beryl Marriott (piano), Roger Marriott (harmonica), Hugo Rasmussen (bass), Bruce Rowland (drums, cymbals).

Recorded July, 1977 & July 1978

The Party
It’s Over Now
The Telephone Song
Can’t You Make It Last
The Dawning Of A Day
What Do You Think
Blue Day
The Lumb
Maternity Ward
Off To School
Dear Diary
Adam’s Rib

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