After Hours


Jay McShann gets a mention in any jazz history, though often his name appears as the leader of the band in which, from 1939-1942, Charlie Parker reached musical maturity. At first it seems somewhat slighting to Jay McShann. this oblique reference that so often occurs in a portrait of Parker, until one realises that it must have been a pretty good band, and quite a leader, to hold such brilliant and innovative musician for so long. When Parker joined him. Jay was thirty and very experienced. McShann was close to seventy when he re-visited Europe and as can be heard on this CD, recorded in the studio, he was not only ‘quite a leader’ but he was also an exciting solo pianist besides being a powerful singer. These tracks are all remarkably fresh and timeless recordings of Kansas City blues and jazz!

Jay McShann, piano and vocal w/ collective personnel: Ole ,,Fessor” Lindgreen, tb; Steen Vig, ts; Thomas Puggard Müller, cl-g; Ole Skipper Mosgard, b; Thorkild MøIler, d.

Recorded April 12, 1977

After Hours
Kansas City Blues
How Long Blues
The Staggers
Vognporten Boogie
Ace In The Hole
Yardbird Waltz
Man From Muskogee
Diblin’ And Dablin’
Fore Day Rider
Tain’t Nobody’s Business
Hot Biscuits
Cherry Red
Jumpin’ With McShann
After Hours

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