Art Tatum Live 1953-55 Vol 7




The music on this CD with pianist Art Tatum (22 tunes, 75 minutes) has never previously been released. The material was recorded from 1953 – 1955, and is comprised of three radio broadcasts and three TV shows in New York City, Portland and Hollywood. The radio tunes were recorded in the NBC studio, at a jazz club and at in a concert hall; the TV tunes are from the Spike Jones Show and the Tonight Show. Art Tatum is featured in both a solo and trio context, plus one tune where he's accompanied on piano by Steve Allen. The music reveals Tatum's total command of the keyboard, plus his unequalled talent for improvisation and high-speed stride playing. Art Tatum's sense of time is impeccable; as he says himself: "I have a rhythm section in my left hand".