Benny Goodman On The Air




The Camel Caravan was produced for CBS by the William Esty Company, which had been ad agency for R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company since November 1932. During this period is was broadcast every Tuesday evening at 9:30 in the East and 6:30 in California. Between December 29, 1936 and March 22, 1938, the Camel Caravan was actually two programs side by side. Jack Oakie’s College held down the first half hour of the Caravan from 9:30-10. Then at 10 Goodman took over, continuing the “college” theme as the Benny Goodman Swing School. The buzz of Goodman’s triumph at Carnegie Hall was still in the air when this show aired two days after the much publicized concert. This CD encompasses Goodman literally from the ballroom to the concert hall. Clearly, his “eligibility” was never in question.