Blues Live!




This CD represent an excellent live sample of what was going on in 'The Folk Club of Denmark' for a period of time almost half a century ago. Fortunately the highlights of this particular evening was recorded and saved for posterity and is now available on CD.. The only other recorded evidence of the club's activities can be enjoyed by listening to the eminent 2 CDs by Broonzy available on Storyville STCD 8016 and 8017 The activities of the club, as far as being able to present renowned American artists is concerned., was made possible through the efforts of a German team of blues enthusiasts bringing numerous famous musicians to Europe under the brand "The American Blues Festival." As a result you can now enjoy the artistry of three. Blues greats out of Tennessee in this rare session!

Tracks 1 – 7: Sleepy John Estes (guitar & vocal), Hammie Nixon (harmonica and jug).

Tracks 8-15: John Henry Barbee (guitar & vocal)

Recorded November 31, 1967

Drop Down Mama
I’d Been Well Warned
Stop That Thing
Driving Duck Blues
Vernita Blues
Bottle Up And Go
Mountain Cat Blues
Hey Woman
Back Water Blues
Boll Weavil
Somebody Done Change The Lock On My door
that’s Allright
Tell Me Baby
John Henry
Dust My Broom

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