Chronological Vol. 3


This is the third volume of six CD’s which chronologically cover the long and glorious career of The Mills Brothers – John, Herbert, Donald and Harry. This CD consists of 23 tunes – two recorded in London, the rest in New York and California – between March, 1934 and February, 1935. By the period 1934-35, The Mills Brothers were incredibly popular, both in the U.S. and England. This CD presents the four brothers at the peak of their popularity – and prowess – on Brunswick/Decca Records. Besides their sonorous vocal harmonies, The Mills Brothers were famous for their vocal imitation of musical instruments – no “real” instrumental accompaniment was employed, except for a guitar. Why The Mills Brothers were the most successful vocal group ever (their career spanned 52 years) – and are still very popular today – is readily apparent in the music presented here.