Wayne Shorter once said “To hell with the rules, I’m going for the unknown”.  This is what we did on this recording. No talks about tunes, keys, solos, tempos—as a matter of fact Jean-Michel and Marilyn hadn’t even played together before. We just started playing to see where the music would take us – and as you can hear it was quite a trip. We did two long sets and occasionally a tune would emerge – but most of the time we where in unchartered waters, taking us to places we haven’t been before. This is the ultimate way of improvising.

Why then is the album called COMPOSING? Well – Arnold Schoenberg also once said “Composing is improvisation slowed down”. This album is compositions in realtime.

                                                                                                                    – Mads Vinding

Jean-Michel Pilc (p), Mads Vinding (b) & Marilyn Mazur (perc)

Recorded 2015

Suite Nr 1, Pt. 1
Suite Nr 1, Pt. 2
Suite Nr 1, Pt. 3
Suite Nr 1, Pt. 4
Suite Nr 1, Pt. 5
Suite Nr 1, Ballad in G
Suite Nr 1, Alice in Wonderland
Suite Nr 2, Pt. 1
Suite Nr 2, Pt. 2
Suite Nr 2, My One and Only Love
Suite Nr 2, Epilogue

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