Creme Fraiche




Creme Fraiche Big Band was the creation of Danish trumpeter Lars Togeby, and this is their only recording, very rare on LP, and re-released on CD here for the first time.The music blends modern big-band sounds with avant garde, latin and funk, where the rhythm group plays a central role. All the tunes on this CD are composed and arranged by the band’s leader, Lars Togeby.Creme Fraiche existed for only a few years in the seventies, and the music on this CD was recorded in 1978. The band is comprised of the "creme" of Danish jazz musicians, plus the world-famous American trumpeter Tim Hagans – who, at this time, was a young musician on his way up.Creme Fraiche was one of the most exciting modern "electric" jazz and funk big band in Europe in the seventies. The music on this CD is brilliantly performed with boundless energy, drive, and pulsing rhythm, and gives plenty of room for the exciting soloists. Bandleader Stan Kenton was very enthusiastic about Creme Fraiche and wanted to record the band on his own label.