Dear Tom Harrell




This CD is conceived as a tribute to the great modern trumpet and flugelhorn player, Tom Harrell. Seven of the eight tunes are written by band members (including two by Harrell) especially for the occasion. Marc Bernstein plays soprano, alto and tenor sax with equal authority and ingenuity. Of the original music written by the band members especially for this session, Harrell says, “I feel very at home with these songs because they relate to emotions and feelings that are very close to me.” The result is some very intense, moving and beautiful music, clearly enhanced by a great young Danish rhythm section (on 6 of the 8 tunes). The last two numbers on the CD are recorded in New York without Harrell and with another fine rhythm group. The excellent trumpet player here is Chris Rogers, whom Tom Harrell recommended as his replacement in the Gerry Mulligan Big Band, and who also played in Harrell’s own big band. This CD is not only a fine tribute to the legendary Tom Harrell, but also a fitting portrait of a great young saxophonist.

Marc Bernstein (soprano, alto & tenor sax), Tom Harrell (flugelhorn), Chris Rogers (trumpet), Henrik Gunde (piano), Anders Rose (organ), Jesper Bodilsen, Tomas Bramer (bass), Morten Lund, Karsten Bagge (drums).

Recorded November, 1999 and March, 2001

Another Heart
Between Myself
Off to Munich
Theme for Maxine
555 Blues

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