Dr. Jazz Vol. 14


The music is pure Dixieland. The atmosphere here is relaxed and intimate. Pee Wee Irwin was a “classical” Dixieland trumpeter. Known for his accuracy, endurance and dependable lips, who played with Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras in the thirties. A fiery and creative trumpet player, he join forces here with the highly regarded clarinet and tenor stylist Gene Sedric, who played for many years with Fats Waller, plus the master swing and Dixieland trombonist, Vic Dickenson. In the 40’s, Dickenson had already established himself as one of the great trombone individualists. His playing is sometimes humorous and always intensely rhythmic on fast numbers, while exhibiting great warmth and personality on the slower tunes. One can clearly hear that these are three seasoned professionals who enjoyed working together. As Pee Wee says, “Frankly, it was the most relaxed and fun-to-play-with band I ever worked with.”

Pee Wee Irwin (tp) Vic Dickenson (tb) Gene Sedric (cl) Teddy Roy (p) John Guiffrida (b) Morey Feld (dr)

Recorded 1952

Tin Roof Blues
That’s A Plenty
Squeeze Me
At The Jazz Band Ball
Clarinet Marmalade
Fidgety Feet
Memphis Blues
Love Is Just Around The Corner
Fine and Dandy
Sensation Rag
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Sheik of Araby

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