Featuring Bob Wilber Vol. 2


February 1969 was a busy travelling time for Ralph and Bob who had both become members of the recently founded ‘World’s Greatest Jazz Band’. No doubt a few days residency up in the clean mountain air was a welcome antidote to the gruelling routine of airports and band-buses. Certainly the quartet sounds wonderfully relaxed through this programme of great jazz standards and quality popular songs. Bob Wilber has described Ralph as… “Having the finest knowledge of Fats Waller stride piano around, but his beat is less ragtimey, more like Basie in its feel”. A sound like a perfect receipe – and it is! Wilber enjoys not only big popularity with a mainstream jazz public, but also the genuine respect of musical colleagues around the world. He can look back with pride over a career which has included significant work with Condon, Goodman, Hackett and much, much more. Sadly, neither Cliff Leeman nor Al Hall is still with us, but their long years of experience at the top of theit profession made their value to the Ralph Sutton Quartet inestimable