Grover Mitchell Big Band




This first-time CD release (17 tunes, 73 min.) is comprised of two LP's recorded between 1978 and 1980. Grover Mitchell was first trombonist in the Count Basie Orchestra from 1962-70 and 1980-84, and he has led the Basie Orchestra since 1995. The musical style on the CD is Basie-style swing big band music with a strong blues influence. Grover Mitchell wrote all but four of the 17 numbers on the CD, and arranged all the tunes. Along with the brilliant writing and arranging by Grover Mitchell, Mitchell's big band includes major Basie musicians (trumpeter Al Aarons and trombonist Henry Coker) plus trombonist Britt Woodman from Duke Ellington's orchestra. Also featured are major West Coast musicians Buddy Collette (flute, alto & tenor) and Red Callender (bass). Grover Mitchell's big band is not unsurprisingly reminiscent of the Count Basie Orchestra, with the same tight-but-loose swinging style, a tasty blues influence and top musicianship.