Headin’ Home




Debut CD by Danish pianist Martin Schack featuring the famous American trumpeter, Tom Harrell. Seven of the eights tunes on the CD are original compositions by Martin Schack. Schack’s meetings with – and admiration inspire the music for – Elvin Jones, Hal Galper and David Leibmann, as well as Tom Harrell. Tom Harrell’s comments on the session: 1. Martin Schack is a very talented composer and pianist. 2. His songs are beautiful – harmonically, melodically and rhythmically. 3. The music is totally organic and there was a nice chemistry in the group. 4. His music has a highly emotional quality.

Tom Harrell (tp,flh), John Ellis (ts, ss), Martin Schack (p), Joshua Ginsburg (b), Niclas Campagnol (dr)

Recorded February 26 and 27, 2001

The City
Summer Bossa
To Elvin And Cleve
My Blues
Dedication To Tom Harrell
Headin’ Home
Keep Them Chords Comin’
Alone ToGetHer

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