Henry Allen Collection Vol 6 -1




Looking back. this was an extremely prolific period in Henry "Red" Allen's remarkable career. For the collector, luckily enough, “Red” was a frequent visitor to the recording studio between 1941 and 46; and even luckier, the research team, with their usual painstaking dilligence have trawled the archives and uncovered a goldmine hard to get sides which showcase "Red" at his best. Also included are two valuable incomplete takes, rarely heard before. As usual, John R.T. Davis was brought in with his golden ear and impeccable transfers to give a polished CD production to these 78 rpm gems, while maintaining all the original atmosphere and ‘lair’ which characterises the recordings of the time. If you have heard the other five volumes in the Collector's Classics series, you'll know what we're talking about… lf you haven't, this is your chance. You'll be amazed!