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This CD was recorded as a Salute To Maxine Sullivan, when she was still singing with the verve, spirit, and taste that had kept her one of the most popular singers in Jazz since the 1930s when her record of "Loch Lomond" brought her instant stardom. Triumphing on Radio, in movies, nightclubs, and on the Broadway stage, Maxine was one of the major stars of the Swing era. Her comeback in the 1970s and 80s had earned her new accolades (a Grammy award for the Best Vocal Jazz album, a Tony award for Best Female Performance in a Broadway musical) and even greater popularity throughout the world. As this CD demonstrates she was not only as good as ever but better. Singing with the confidence, wit, and warmth that comes with over 50 years of delighting audiences. She gives it everything she has. Such energy, such charm, such originality. Now everyone can hear this incredible performer in her last and quite possibly her finest concert performance.

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