John Tchicai




John Tchicai was excited when we presented our plans to release a double CD with material from his 2 Storyville LPs with three different sessions recorded in Denmark. One was recorded at Club Montmartre March 15, 1977 and another session in a studio in Copenhagen March 29, 1977 and the third session also in Copenhagen November 10 – 14, 1987.

John Tchicai took part in the project from the very beginning and also chose the liner note writer Andrey Henkin.

John Tchicai began his career playing altosaxophone and ended it playing tenorsaxophone. His first group was called “The Yardbird Quintet” but then he met Archie Shepp in Helsinki and later Albert Ayler and that made him interested in the “Free Jazz Style”. He moved to USA and became part of the Free Jazz Scene and played and recorded with Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor and  John Coltrane. He recorded with three other saxophoneplayers on John Coltrane’s famous LP “Ascension”. John Tchicai came back to Denmark with New York Contempory Five which were Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Don Cherry, J.C.Moses and Don Moore. They had a long engagement at the Club Montmartre and during this period they recorded 2 LP’s for Storyville now available on CD on 1018385  Archie Shepp & The New York Contemporary Five.

For the first time on CD JohnTchicai And Strange Brothers.