Live At Montmartre





This recording marks the third time Ronnie Cuber has visited Jazzhus Montmarte in Copenhagen, the first time being in 2015 where he played a beautiful concert with Nikolaj Bentzon.
He recalls: ”I noticed Horace Parlan, one of my favorite pianists came in to dig the band. When we finished the set, I announced Horace was in the house and he gave me his famous ear to ear grin. He was living 75 kilometres away from the center of Copenhagen in 2016 and made the trip into the club again a year later. February 2017 he passed away in his beloved Denmark, a few months before my third time playing at Montmartre.”
3 concerts were held, all three of them being recorded by Storryville Records. The line-up consisted of Ronnie Cuber (bars), Kjeld Lauritsen (hamm org), Krister Jonsson (g) and Andreas Svendsen (dr).
Ronnie Cuber is a renowned Jazz Saxophonist, who has played with George Benson, SlideHampton and Maynard Ferguson and outside the jazz world such as Frank Zappa, B.B. King and Eric Clapton.
Cuber remains an active and creative force on the jazz scene to this day, as evidenced by this release, recorded in 2017.
His first recording as a band leader goes back to 1976 and he has been very active since then, both as a band leader and a side-man.
The set list at these shows was mix of well-known classics written both by Cuber as well as other musicians, and includes classics such as Au Privave (Charlie Parker) and Four (Miles Davis) as well as Cubers own tribute to Richard Tee, Tee’s Bag and organist Kjeld Lauritzens Jazz Girls.