Mojo Boogie




Robert “Big Mojo” Elem is well known in the Chicago blues world as an excellent bassplayer who has often accompanied great bluesmen like Freddie King and Luther Allison, to name only two. He also took part in some recording sessions. However, Big Mojo is not strictly an efficient and reliable sideman only, he also is a great singer with a powerful voice, fine tone and the right inflexion to convey the moving message of the blues. Moreover, Big Mojo is a born entertainer whose joking and acting on stage appeal to Club audiences! In the present session, Big Mojo is backed up by a first rate trio including two outstanding guitarists: Willie James Lyons and Wayne Bennett with the great Freddie Below at the drums! Willie James Lyons had made previous recordings for MCM in October, 1975. Here, again, his over-sensitive playing, so personal and appealing, an all-pervading emotion, and long flowing lines, contrast with, yet complement, Wayne Bennett’s fiercer, harsher and percessive style. Willie James Lyons is lead guitarist and plays the solo in: Drawing On Dry Land, Black Nights, Hush, Living In Paradise and Be My Little Girl, while Wayne Bennett is heard in Every Night and Talk To Your Daughter. In Red Light, Willie James plays introduction and coda while Wayne Bennett plays lead accompaniment and takes the solo. Freddie Below, as always, lends to the group a smooth running, quite unique pulse of his own!