Moment’s Notice


Everybody who has ever heard of relativity knows the phrase 'space-rime', and whoever is familiar with the term 'saxophonist is aware of Charlie Rouse and his distinctly unique tenor saxophone improvisations. This album is more than music. It is a historical document of the musical culture which has taken place in this space in time. Each generation has needs and aspirations which may differ from those of the one before it. In order for music to be relevant, it must reflect the civilization it represents. "MOMENT'S NOTICE'' does. Over the years various energies of musical thought have defined the purpose and procedures of musical involvement. The men on this album have proceeded beyond verbal definitions of music and have successfully expressed their music-al involvement through the sounds of their instruments. Each composition, therefore, emerges to cope with the needs and requirements 01 those who are most affected by it. It can be expected, if this Arum properly belongs to the family of subjects in world culture (which it surely does) that the originality and quality of performance within this album will have a profound effect upon the development of musicians and music education programs wherever. An important part of each musician's contribution to this album is their ability to recognize the ideal place of innovation. As a result of being professional musicians as well as skilled and experienced improvisors, they are attuned to the relevance of the major principles of performance. It should be pointed out that the material used in this album was derived from primary sources; i.e., the material was composed by musicians who, without a doubt, have becorne firmly established in the science of composition and improvisation. The appreciation of 'MOMENT'S NOTICE" depends upon your simply listening to this important musical event.

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