Mouth Games

The first acoustic jazz album from Mathias Heise – now on vinyl




Danish harmonica virtuoso Mathias Heise’s highly anticipated acoustic jazz album, Mouth Games, is now available on vinyl.


The project, described by Heise as his ‘first acoustic jazz album’, is a result of years of meticulous groundwork. Mouth Games features a captivating interplay between Heise and a carefully selected group of highly talented musicians, including accomplished pianist Jacob Christoffersen, master guitarist Pelle von Bülow, acclaimed bassist Thomas Fonnesbæk and versatile drummer Jeppe Gram.


With nine carefully chosen tracks, including seven original compositions and two standards, Mouth Games presents a captivating narrative that explores classical structural conventions of jazz with flair, innovation, taste and virtuosity. Heise’s masterful harmonica playing effortlessly intertwines with the highly accomplished rhythm section. Their telepathic interplay results in memorable performances filled with muscular mature solos, deeply rooted in the language of modern jazz traditions. Heise states:

“…I have always played a lot of jazz gigs, gathering tunes over a long time, finding musicians that I really connect with. I felt like now I have found the right musicians – heart to heart, we just speak to each other. In the studio there has to be a lot of interplay, spontaneous feeling and events that nobody can prepare in advance. To make this happen, I had to be on a certain level, prepared, focused. For the first time, I had the skills and maturity to make my first acoustic jazz album – not an easy task!”


Mouth Games serves as compelling evidence of Heise’s unwavering commitment to expanding the boundaries of jazz improvisation on the chromatic harmonica. This album represents a quantum leap in his musical evolution, displaying a deep immersion in the contemporary legacy of jazz rhythm, harmony and improvisation. Mathias Heise is internationally renowned for his groundbreaking approach to jazz improvisation on the chromatic harmonica, having won the 2013 Chromatic Harmonica World Championship, received the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s prestigious Stardust Award in 2016 and being awarded the Ben Webster Prize in 2017. With four critically acclaimed albums under his belt, including three albums with his fusion band Quadrillion and one in collaboration with the Danish Radio Big Band, Heise continues to push the boundaries of musical creativity and innovation.


Mouth Games gives rise to a new jazz harmonica solar system, comprising nine incomparably marvelous tracks whose significance goes beyond the sum of their parts. This profound modern jazz statement deserves the widest attention and recognition.