Ok Nok Kongo


Behind this – strange, admittedly – band name you will find Thomas Agergaard, one of the most versatile and accomplished Danish tenor players of the younger generation. Thomas first and foremost plays an outstanding tenor sax, but in addition keeps making the headlines as a composer and arranger involved in numerous, innovative projects. On this, his second album he is surrounded by a group of young fellows, each of whom have already been recognized as excellent jazz musicians in their own right. In addition, John Tchicai – the renowned Danish expatriate – is featured on two of the songs. Also, Tchicai contributed with two compositions -"Thrift Shopping" and "Sorry About That'. The music escapes "labelling" because of its layers and variety. Is it modern? – yes, absolutely! Avant-garde? – no, not really. So-called "serious" jazz? That depends on one's angle: "yes", in the sense that the music skilfully builds on a multitude of milestones and precedents in jazz, but "no" in terms of humour and immediate appeal. OK NOK …KONGO is anything but boring!