One For The Library


When I came to Denmark in 1975, I stayed for a time in Snekkersten, an idyllic village just outside Helsinore. I used to go and practice at the public library in Helsinore, they had a nice little upright piano in the basement. I wrote several tunes during that period and I felt very comfortable there. Later on I lived in Snekkersten for some years, and I played at the library again, always enjoying the nice atmosphere: quiet, unhurried, friendly. I’m glad that the concert that I played there in 1992 set this recording project in motion. I think it came out OK and I hope you’ll like it. I would like to come back and play there again. Duke Jordan

Duke Jordan (pia)

Recorded October 6, 1993

No Problem
They Can’T Take That Away From Me
Lush Life
Everything Happens To Me
The Way You Look Tonight
Tea For Two + Stardust
Flight To Jordan
It’s Only A Paper Moon
Don’t Blame Me
Parisian Hop
Two Loves
Night Walk
How Deep Is The Ocean
Three Little Words

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