Carsten Dahl (piano), Lennart Ginman (bass) and Frands Rifbjerg (drums) have played together for more than 20 years now and yet every time they play together, it still sounds completely fresh and new. The combination of the three of them is somehow a magic golden cut in terms of swing, balance, dexterity and imagination. In this particular session, the musicians just met in the studio and recorded the music. First takes, as usual – picking up some rough sketches that Carsten Dahl had composed on the spot that same day. There is a clear link to the trio’s first record Will you make my soup hot & silver from 1996 (Storyville Records, STCD4203). The inspiration from Carsten Dahl’s heroes Bud Powell, Jan Johansson, Johan Sebastian Bach and many more is also easily detected.

Carsten Dahl says: “My dear mentor jazz pianist Ed Thigpen used to say that “you’ve got to be able to snap your finger to it” and I always try to keep that in mind. I try to discover the magic in space and the simplicity in the music: In rhythmical progressions and in lyrical melodies. All this is what this trio’s essence is all about and we sure did exactly that.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the 16 new compositions on the Simplicity album!

Recorded at The Village Recording, Denmark, on February 10, 2016.