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Solo in Barcelona

A masterpiece of piano brilliance




Also available on CD: Solo in Barcelona – Storyville Records


Mulgrew Miller, one of the most important pianists of jazz’ modern era, proudly delivers his brand-new album Solo in Barcelona. The occasion of a present-day release of a solo recording by this remarkable musician is a very rare and extraordinary occasion. This album, which was recorded on February 2, 2004 in Barcelona, is truly a rare gem for the admirers of a man and piano player, who was loved by so many fans and the entire jazz global community. With his unique take on arrangements from Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Cole Porter, Miles Davis and Duke Ellington, MM shows us why he is considered a modern legend.


On this solo album, MM’s piano embarks on an extraordinary musical journey. With each note, he effortlessly paints a vivid tapestry of emotions, traversing a rich musical landscape that spans genres and styles characterized by versatility, proficient soloing and tasteful restraint. He plays like a modern-day exponent of Art Tatum with the deepest musical roots, but with the freshest, most forward-thinking, profoundly original voice that’s uniquely his own.


Live in Barcelona shows how he is able to tell us a story and swing like very few others. A real master on the piano. The highlight is perhaps his ‘Excursions in Blue’, playing the blues like it should be done – in the moment! Solo in Barcelona is a beautiful documentation of Mulgrew Miller playing solo material that has not been recorded before. MM was one of the most influential jazz pianists of his generation. Renowned for his technical mastery, improvisational genius and deep musicality, Mulgrew Miller worked with Miles Davis, Betty Carter, Woody Shaw, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and his own trio around the globe. Still missed by his big audience.


Mulgrew Miller (1955-2013) was a world-renowned jazz pianist and composer. His illustrious career spanned over four decades, during which he performed with legendary jazz artists and received critical acclaim for his exceptional musicianship. His unique approach to the piano and his profound contributions to jazz have solidified his place as one of the greatest pianists in the history of the genre. With this exceptional solo album, MM invites listeners on a personal and intimate musical journey, as he displays his extraordinary command of the piano. His nuanced phrasing, exquisite dynamics and deep understanding of harmony create an enchanting and captivating listening experience.

Mulgrew Miller – piano

Side one:

  1. Tour de Force
  2. I Love You
  3. O Grande Amor

Side two:

  1. It Never Entered My Mind
  2. Excursions in Blue

“Mulgrew Miller’s Solo in Barcelona not only contains valuable sections for trained ears but also offers a symphonic solo piano experience for jazz lovers. It is a very rare beauty that such a beautiful recording meets the listener after nearly 20 years.” – Sülünbaz, DarkBlueNotes


“There’s astounding technical playing, hallmarked by both speed and crispness, as well as a lot of emotional depth and soul. And swing. (…) Solo in Barcelona is a superb tribute to this legendary and still beloved musician.” – Whitehouse, A Green Man


“Dette er nemlig av slaget tidløs musikk og som vil ha like mye å gi oss i 2043 også. Mulgrew Miller lever!” – ***** – Hammerø, nettavisen.no


“This recording finds him in wondrous form, showing his inspirations such as Monk, Dizzy, Miles and Duke, and giving inspired reads in the process.” – Harris, Jazz Weekly


“A welcome reminder of the talent of Miller… (…) You need to hear it…” – **** – Priestley, Jazzwise


“Solo In Barcelona adds to the musical legacy of Mulgrew Miller and is a constant joy throughout.” – Yanow, LA Jazz Scene


“I listened to it — a number of times — and, PR or not, it’s true. ” – Poses, Columbia Daily Tribune


“A must for piano jazz lovers.” – ***** – Stephen, Marlbank


“En vidunderlig 70 minutters oplevelse… (…) …med overblik, teknik, men især feeling og respekt for det materiale han har valgt.” – Wolsgaard-Iversen, JazzSpecial


“On this wonderful album from Storyville’s Jordi Suñol archive, recorded before an audience almost 20 years ago, the pianist’s foot-tapping is inspired by the music, not laid down as a background tempo marker.” – Jarrett, JazzJournal


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