Sounds Of New Orleans Vol. 3




SOUNDS OF NEW ORLEANS – 2 CD BOX Storyville is proud to announce the release of a new series called Sounds Of New Orleans. This is the third of 3 double CDs The series will present many of the famous New Orleans musicians in different combinations. You will hear Kid Ory, George Lewis, Alvin Alcorn Johnny Wiggs, George Girard, Percy Humphrey, Sharkey Bonano, Lee Collins, Oscar Papa Celestin, Paul Barbarin, Albert Burbank, Wilbur De Paris, Lizzie Miles and many more. Except for recordings with Kid Ory and George Lewis all sessions are recorded in New Orleans. It was Joe Mares who opened the Southland Studio in New Orleans and began to record the local musicians when he found out that there were so many talented musicians in New Orleans. Joe Mares’ enterprise is recorded proof that the best of Dixieland jazz still comes from New Orleans. SOUND OF NEW ORLEANS Volume 3 The third double CD in this serie features Albert Burbank with Kid Ory and his Creole Jazzband, Paul Babarin and his Jazzband, Johnny Wiggs’ New Orleans Boys, Sharkey Bonano, Alvin Alcorn and George Girard. The recording are made in New Orleans between 1952 and 1954 except for Kid Ory and his Creole Jazzband that are recorded live at Club Hangover in San Francisco. Preceded by Jelly Roll Morton, who first explored the Californian’s music scene two years earlier, Kid Ory moved west in 1919 and soon sent for some of his old sidemen to join him. CD 1 Total time: 65:33 CD 2 Total time: 66:50



Albert Burbank With Kid Ory And His Creole Jazzband:

Alvin Alcorn (tp) Kid Ory (tb) Albert Burbank (cl) Don Ewell (p), Ed Garland (b) Minor Hall (dr)


Paul Barbarin And His Jazzband

Percey Humphrey (tp) Waldron “Frog” Joseph (tb) Willie Humphrey (cl), Lester Santiago (p) Johnny St. Cyr: (bj, g & vo)Richard McLean (b) Paul Barbarin (dr)

Johnny Wiggs (co) Armand Hug (p)

Johnny Wigg (co) Armand Hug (p) Joe Capraro (g)

Johnny Wiggs (co) Harry Shields (cl) Stanley Mendelson (p)

Sherwood Mangiapane (b) Robert Johnston (dr)

Johnny Wiggs’ New Orleans Boys

Johnny Wiggs (vo) Jack Delaney (tb) Raymond Burke (cl) Stanley Mendelson (p) Arnold “Deacon” Loyacano (b) Edmond “Doc” Souchon (g & vo)


Sharkey Bonano (tp) Jack Delaney (tb) Bujie Centobie (cl) Stanley Mendelson (p) Arnold “Deacon” Loyscano (b) Abbie Brunies (dr) Lizzie Miles (vo)

New Orleans Jazz Babies

Alvin Alcorn (tp) Jack Delaney (tb) Raymond Burke (cl) Stan Mendelson (p) Sherwood Mangiapane (b) Abbie Brunies (dr)

Jam Session At Joe Mares’ Place

Alvin Alcorn (tp) Jack Delaney, Bill Matthews (tb) Raymond Burke (cl) Stan Mendelson (p) Lawrence Marrero (bj) Alcide “Slow Drag” Pavageau (b) Abbie Brunies (dr)



Clarinet Marmalade (26/6/1954)
Fidgety Feet (26/6/1954)
Panama Rag
Darktown Strutters Ball
High Society
Over The Waves
Bill Bailey
Roses Of Picardy
Ugly Chile
The Blues
Dippermouth Blues

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