Taking Off Again




“What you hear on this CD is music recorded by four of my favorite musicians. After a short tour we went into the studio to record this CD. It shows some first take energy as well as the more produced side of a CD production. The whole session was completed in two days with everybode involved having a great time. I really hope you’ll enjoy this music as much as I do myself.” – Anders Mogensen. Anders Mogensen’s much acclaimed initial release is to be found on Storyville STCD 4198 “Taking Off.”

Anders Mogensen (drums and cymbals); Hans Ulrik (tenor and soprano saxophone); Niclas Knudsen (electric and acoustic guitar); Anders Christensen (acoustic bass); Henrik Lindstrand (hammond organ).

Recorded 17/18th, 1998

December Dreams
The Shadow fo Your Smile
The Call
What’s Up
Old Folks
Remembering Ed
Hang Out at Uncle Bob’s
Moments of Peace
Spor 10
Still Crazy After All These Years

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