The Best Of 1972-1986


"We never were a copycat band and never will be. With the deepest respect, we tip our hats to the great original recordings, and the soloists on them, but we always perform our own versions. We may not make any jazz classics, but it is important for us to create something that is ours. Isn't that what jazz is all about?" – Fessor.

Finn Otto Hansen (flh,tp,vo), Verner Work Nieisen (tp) Ole "Fessor" Lindgreen (tb.vo), Elith "Nulle" Nykjær(cl,as,vo,hca), Steen Vig (, Hans Holbroe (as), Torben Petersen (p), Hans Kjærby (p). Thor Backhausen (p), Hans Fjeldsted (p), Niels "Caesar" Andersson (p), Ciaus Nieisen (g), Michael Friis (elb), Preben Lindhart (b.elb), Ole Skipper Mosgaard (b), Thorkild Møller (dr).

Varios recording dates

Everyday I Have The Blues
Back O’Town Blues
The Jamfs Are Coming
Perdido Street Stomp
Hard Times
Elith’s Farm
Ory’s Creole Trombone
Watching The River Flow
Adam’s Apple
Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days
Riverboat Shuffle
Keep Cooking Mama
Buttercorn Lady
Blues For Ory
Stolen Sugar
Crawfish Shuffle
Viggo Waltz
Potato Head Blues

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