The Blues Of Sonny Boy Williamson




A number of Storyville Records' iconic jazz and blues albums are now  available in a new series of remastered high quality vinyl releases. Featuring some of the best artists from the vast Storyville catalogue, the “Storyville Vinyl Remasters” series presents great music on deluxe vinyl. 

Each release is limited edition, pressed onto 180 gram virgin vinyl with the original covers and sleeve notes preserved. Updated notes have been added to the inner sleeves and a free download of the album is included. The audio has been remastered specifically for vinyl to secure the best sound that these great releases deserve.

Sonny Boy Williamson represented a powerful and direct link to the source of the blues. His wildly expressive harmonica playing echoed the hollers, shouts, howls and whispers of the slaves who so often had little more than their own voices with which to express their responses to being in captivity. The welcome reissue of this album offers a rich example of Sonny Boy’s range of musical emotion, from rage through tenderness to sometimes unexpected humour.

Sonny Boy Williamson (harm, vo), Memphis Slim (p), Matt Murphy (g) & Bill Stephney (d)

Record November 1, 1963

Why Are You Crying
Girl Friends
Movin’ Down The River Rhine
I’m So Glad (I Made It Over Here In Time)
Chicago Bounce
Movin’ Out
Once Upon A Time
When The Lights Went Out
Same Girl
On My Way Back Home

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