The Complete Jazz Chronicle Solo Session




Nobody in iazz has ever played piano like Art Tatum, probably because no one could. With his unique, lightning facility at the keyboard, it's hard to believe one is hearing only unadulterated solo piano. Although Art Tatum is accessible because the listener can always find the melody and there is a point of departure and return, the maelstrom of sound created between these two points make it difficult for even a trained musical ear to follow all that is happening rhythmically and contrapuntally. This CD is comprised of two exciting solo sessions. The first, released here in its entirety for the first time, was made in Los Angeles in 1948, using state-of-the-art recording techniques. Listening to the alternate takes gives a unique opportunity to study Tatum's adeptness at instant improvisation while performing fully-structured, dazzling music. The last seven tunes comprise a previously unissued New York radio broadcast. Recorded less than a year before his death, Tatum is in top form, plus the listener has a rare chance to hear this piano legend introducing himself and the music.