The Eleventh Hour




The great Icelandic jazz saxophonist Sigurður Flosason meets a great Danish rhythm section. “The Danish jazz scene has always interested me and by a series of coincidences, I seem to be becoming a small part of it,” says Sigurður Flosason. Two Storyville recordings already witness Flosason’s ties with the Danish jazz scene. One is his collaboration with Hammond organist Kjeld Lauritsen on “Nightfall” and the other is with singer Cathrine Legardh on “Land & Sky”. Now Flosason has brought together what he calls “a Danish dream team for this music” with Nikolaj Hess on piano, Lennart Ginman on bass and Morten Lund on drums. “The Eleventh Hour” features 10 new compositions by Flosason recorded on one of his many happy trips to Copenhagen.

Sigurður Flosason completed a solo performer’s examination in classical saxophone from the Reykjavik Music Academy in 1983.  He then studied under Eugene Rousseau and David Baker, completing a Bachelor of Music degree in classical saxophone and jazz in 1986 and a Master of Music degree in these subjects in 1988. He then took private lessons from George Coleman in New York in 1988-89.  Sigurður works in several different fields of music.