The Junie Cobb Collection 1926-1929


Junie Cobb (cl), Johnny Dodds (cl), Tiny Parham (p), Eustern Woodfork (bj)

East Coast Trot
Chicago Buzz
Endurance Stomp
Endurance Stomp
Yearning And Blue
Transatlantic Stomp
Barell House Stomp
Rolling Mill
Rolling Mill
Panama Blues
Shake That Jelly Roll
Don’t Cry, Honey
Smoke Shop Drag
Boot That Thing
Aunt Jemima Stomp
St. Louis Bound
South African Blues
Piggly Wiggly Blues
Shanghai Honeymoom
Good Feelin’ Blues
Once Or Twice
South African Stomp
Ain’t It A Cryin’ Shame
Once Or Twice

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