The Keystone Transcriptions 19


THE DISCOVERY AND RELEASE OF THESE KEYSTONE TRANSCRIPTIONS WILL ADD CONSIDERABLY TO OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THIS UNIQUE AND TALENTED MUSICIAN. There is a lot of fascinating and exemplary playing to be heard on this CD. Gain’ Home Blues. Twilight Blue and Afternoon Blues can be singled out immediately as some of Teddy’s best use of the twelve-bar format on record, short though they may be. Lady Be Good, an outstanding gem, incorporates modulations into the third then the fourth choruses. Present also are some spectacular runs, proof that Teddy had learned part of his craft direct from Art Tatum. “There was no other piano player in the jazz world making runs like that from one end of the keyboard to the other and I am deeply grateful to Tatum for his willingness and patience in showing me all these things” Teddy wrote years later. “I still play Tatum runs to this day!” We too should be grateful for the artistry and elegance of Wilson’s own playing throughout a long and fruitful career

TEDDY WILSON solo piano

Recorded 1939-1940

A Ghost Of A Chance
More Than You Know
Summer’s End
Goin’ Home Blues
Minute Steak
At Sundown
Tuesday Jump
The Moon Is Low
Afternoon Blues
The Little Things That Mean So Much
You’re My Favorite Memory
Almost Blues
Tempo Positioned
Out Of Nowhere
Night And Day
Lady Be Good
Jumpin’ Off
You’ll Be Sorry
Chinatown, My Chinatown
Twilight Blue
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
Rose Room
Why Shouldn’t

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