The Treasury Shows Vol. 4


WW II is over in Europe, but not Japan, and Duke Ellington is on the road, still patriotically selling US war bonds via live radio shows. The music here is from the Paradise Theatre in Detroit and the Regal Theatre in Chicago (May, 1945), and the Café Zanzibar (October, 1945). The recordings from the Café Zanzibar has never been released before now. The musical program presented here is blended for both listening and dancing, and includes many Duke Ellington standards, plus several new or rarely performed tunes. Even though this 2-CD presents a relatively “standard” version of the Duke Ellington Orch. from the mid-40’s, it is still the best big band in the U.S. and the music is full of tasty solos by Rex Stewart, Sam Nanton, Cat Anderson, Johnny Hodges, Joya Sherrill and the Duke, himself.

Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn – piano, arranger, Rex Stewart, Cat Anderson, Ray Nance – trumpet, Sam Nanton, Lawrence Brown – trombone, Al Sears – tenor sax, Jimmy Hamilton – clarinet, Johnny Hodges – alto sax, Harry Carney – baritone, Fred Guy – guitar, Junior Raglin – bass, Sonny Greer – drums, Al Hibbler, Joya Sherrill, Kay Davis, Marie Ellington – vocal

Take The “A” Train (theme)
Teardrops In The Rain
Everything But You – vJS
Ellington Bond Promo
If You Are But A Dream – vKD
Pitter Panther Patter
Emancipation Celebration
Ellington Bond Promo
I Should Care
Take The “A” Train (theme)
Take The “A” Train (theme)
A Friend Of Yours
In A Sentimental Mood
It Don’t Mean A Thing – vME,JS,KD
Solitude – vAH,ME,JS,KD
I’m Beginning To See The Light
Subtle Slough (Just Squeeze Me)
C-Jam Blues
Ellington Bond Promo
Stomp Look And Listen
Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
Tell Ya What I’m Gonna Do – vJS
West Indian Dance
A Door Will Open
In A Mellotone
Everything But You – vJS
Solid Old Man
Things Ain`t What They Used To Be
(Opening Theme)Take The ”A”Train
Ellington Bond Promo
Sugar Hill Penthouse
Suddenly It Jumped
Candy – vRN
Kissing Bug – vJS
Hollywood Hangover
Ellington Bond Promo (Into Station Break)
Take The ”A” Train (theme) And Return
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
Frankie And Johnny
I`m Beginning To See The Light(And Ellington Bond Promo)
I Ain`t Got Nothin` But The Blues – vAH,KD
My Honey`s Lovin` Arms – vRN
Ellington Bond Promo
Rockin` In Rhythm

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