Transcription Session 1937-38 Vol. 1


Larry Clinton was one of the pioneers of swing music. He arranged all of the tunes on this CD, and wrote half of them himself. The CD’s 28 numbers are from two New York radio broadcasts in 1937 and 1938. Larry Clinton was one of swing music’s true innovators – not only as a musician, but also composer and arranger. On this CD, Clinton was able to find first-rate musicians and mold them into a tight, cohesive and hard-swinging unit. Besides her good looks, Bea Wain was a master of technique and style. She is regarded as one of the swing era’s greatest vocal talents. Clinton had his finger on the pulse of the American public – he knew what they liked, and he delivered! Besides being original and highly professional, there is plenty of fun and humor in this exceptionally well-recorded music.

Larry Clinton (clarinet, trumpet, trombone, arranger), Tony Zimmers (tenor sax), Bea Wain (vocal

The Dipsy Doodle
I Double Dare You
Whistle While You Work
The Big Dipper
I Cash Clo’es
Every Day’s a Holiday
Abba Dabba
The Campbells Are Swinging
Military Madcaps [Take A]
Military Madcaps [Take B]
Mr. Jinx Stay Away From Me
Shades of Hades
Swing Lightly
Scrapin’ the Toast
Let ‘Er Go
The One Rose
Sugar Foot Stomp
Cry, Baby, Cry
Dance of the Hours
Who Do You Think I Saw Last Night?
Hollywood Pastime
I Can’t Face the Music
Stop and Reconsider

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