Transcription Sessions 1936 Vol. 1




This CD contains 20 dance music tunes recorded as radio transcriptions in 1936. The tunes were all popular melodies at the time, including many from film musicals, plus dixieland and swing favorites. The Bob Crosby Orchestra was unique for the period (mid-1930’s) and created a vivid contrast to the more structured major swing bands of the era, such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. Fuelled by the tight arrangements of Deane Kincaide, Bob Haggart and Matty Matlock, the band skilfully blended the basic jazz elements of the 1920’s with the commercially successful swing music of the 1930’s. The orchestra’s ability to “crossover” from a jazz concept to the music of Tin Pan Alley kept the Crosby Orchestra at the forefront of the swing era. Their delicate balance between the “hot” and “sweet” style attracted a wide variety of fans.

Bob Crosby (vocals), Yank Lawson (trumpet), Matty Matlock (clarinet, alto sax), Eddie Miller (tenor sax), Bob Haggart (bass & arranger), Ray Bauduc (dr).

Old Man Mose
The Touch of Your Lips
I Don’t Want to Make History
It’s Been So Long
In a Sentimental Mood
Somebody Ought to Be Told
Here Comes Your Pappy
Island in the West Indies
Wake Up and Sing
Let’s Face the Music and Dance
I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket
At the Codfish Ball
What’s the Name of That Song?
Looka-There, Ain’t She Pretty?
A Melody from the Sky
Time on My Hands
Savoy Blues
I’m Coming Virgina

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