Walk with Me


Storyville Records presents a new record featuring prominent Danish jazz musicians Mads Vinding (bass) and Carsten Dahl (piano) with Margrete Grarup (vocal) and Marilyn Mazur (percussion).

This CD is a continuous journey through a landscape constantly changing. Along the way, your ears will encounter simplicity,  fragility, ferocity, sensitivity and a special sense of greatness in the smallest of details. From beautiful ballads of stormy moods to swinging jazz – everything beautifully executed by Margrete Grarup’s unique and expressive voice. Each track has an identity of its own – still, they all come together and make a whole.

Walk with Me includes new, wondrous takes on classics such as “Georgia on My Mind”, “Strange Fruit” and “My Funny Valentine” along with some of the musician’s own compositions which in combination creates a soulfully meditative and with every turn delightfully unknown journey to be experienced. Margrete Grarup is an educated soloist from Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium and knows how to balance the power of her voice with delicate nuances and a certain humility.

Do listen to Walk with Me from beginning to end and share a traveller’s experience with us!


Margrete Grarup (vocal)

Mads Vinding (bass)

Carsten Dahl (piano)

Marilyn Mazur (percussion)

Poul Halberg (guitar)

Peter Weniger (saxophones)

Rasmus Stenholm (hammond organ)

The Wish
Walk With Me
Salme Ved Vejs Ende
Nature Boy
On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Georgia On My Mind
Strange Fruit/Summertime
My Funny Valentine
Blame It On My Youth
Everyday I Have The Blues
What A Wonderful World