Glad To Be Here




Fessor (a.k.a. Ole Lindgreen) is alive and well. He has become the quintessence of the love of jazz – real jazz. He’s the hero of the young ones in Denmark and has strong ties to three generations’ experience of live music with beat and feeling. Since WWII, almost 40 LPs and CDs have been released in his name on Storyville and Olufsen Records. He has played from Kap Horn (a jazz joint in Copenhagen) to New Orleans, to most of Europe, West Africa and Brazil – with bands like Fessor’s Big City Band, Nulle and Verdensorkestret, and Papa Bue Revival.

The music on this album was recorded around the dining table in Fessor’s living room with Morten Ærø in charge, an adroit soundman (and drummer). A totally relaxed atmosphere with feeling and warmth emanating from every tune. Morten Ærø also handles the drums on the album, where the rest of the line-up consists of Peter Marott on trumpet and flugelhorn, Chris Tanner on clarinet, Jakob Dinesen on tenor saxophone, Marko Martinovic on piano, Jens Sølund on bass.

Glad to Be Here, consists of a variety of Fessors own compositions and songs that has had a meaningful impact on his life and career. On the songs of the album, Fessor says:

“DEVIL GOT MY WOMAN – Blues has always been an important part of my musical baggage, so when I heard Skip James sing this song at the American Folk Blues Festival in 1967, it really knocked me out. It has been in the back of my mind ever since, but now it’s seeing the light of day.

LOUISIANA – A James P. Johnson composition, and for many years an Eddie Condon classic. We wanted to make our own imprint on the number, so while we were recording it, a smart head arrangement emerged that says something about what we were trying to achieve.

AZURE – As the years pass, my appreciation of Ellington’s music grows and grows. It’s beautiful, the way he clads the music in an unmistakably blue color. Jakob Dinesen’s solo is a gem.

GLAD TO BE HERE – I wrote for the first job I had after a long involuntary break due to facial paralysis. I was thankful for the loyal backing and support of my family, colleagues and musical friends.”

Next to Papa Bue, Fessor is the most famous bandleader in Denmark. Ole “Fessor” Lindgreen recently turned 83 and is still going strong releasing new music. Fessor, like Papa Bue, plays the trombone. His Big City Band featured some of Denmark’s best musicians and was on the scene for decades, (1968-2003), playing 230 gigs a year and performing many places around the world from Copenhagen to New Orleans. Fessor has also recorded, played and toured with a number of famous American jazz musicians, like Wild Bill Davison, Ralph Sutton, Sammy Price, George Kelly, Gene “Mighty Flea” Connors, Jay McShann, Doc Cheatham, Herb Hall, John Williams, Al Casey, Claude Williams and Champion Jack Dupree.