It's difficult to imagine that this recording was actually made 20 years ago,. Thanks to its original, visionary musical concepts and brilliant musicianship, it is no wonder that, since its release (under the title "Heart To Heart"), this record has gone on to be the best selling title in the entire Storyville catalogue in the last 20 years. Nor it is any wonder that the music has not only stood the test of time, it sounds as though it was recorded this morning! Comprised of three of Denmark's absolute best jazz musicians Palle Mikkelborg on trumpet and keyboards, Kenneth Knudsen on keyboards and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen on bass this trio performed together regularly in the mid 80's. The musicians' own compositions take advantage of the rhythmic and melodic flexibility possible in this drumless combination of electric, electronic and acoustic instruments. The unique freshness and innovating which made this recording such a success is still potent 14 years later. With the re release of this CD the title was changed to "Imagine'' emphasizing the Beatles tune Imagine which helped the original album to a No. 3 position on the charts in Denmark selling more than 30,000 CDs (corresponding to sales on the US market of 1.5 million copies) Play and promote the title tune IMAGINE and we may repeat the success. This super session is ready to turn on a new generation of jazz fans.