Pieces: Generations at Sunrise





Pieces is the meeting of two generations – The experienced and mature: the trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg and the guitarist Bjarne Roupé and the two young and ready: Anton Langebæk on bass and the percussionist Benjamin Barfod. Bjarne Roupé Trio had been with Langebæk and Barfod for a while, and when Palle Mikkelborg was set to play a concert for Jazz Grooves at JB10 in Næstved, it was obvious that the four musicians worked together this evening. It became a success and the musicians took the initative to use the recordings for this release. Here it is: Pieces:

Generations at Sunrise – five well-chosen compositions with Roupé’s overview and broad sounds, Langebæk’s pulsating bass, Barfod’s distinctive percussion and Mikkelborg’s trumpet and flugelhorn on top. We get extremely personal renditions of John Coltrane’s ”Naima” and the Abez classic ”Nature Boy”. A Swedish folk melody, ”Saudi”, with a beautiful guitar intro and more of the same sonorous element in the opening track ”Witchi-tai-to”, which is carried on by Barfod’s gubal. The fine little theme is presented only at the end. Coltrane’s great ballad ”Naima” is performed for the first time in the history of music with sansula. In the collectively composed and arranged ”Pieces”, there are fanfares with electronics underneath, and Langebæk rounds off with a very solid bass solo. ”Nature boy” gets new and very beautiful life with Mikkelborg’s horn followed by a very wellplaying Roupé.