John Kirby And His Orch. Vol. 3


The "sound" of Kirby's band was determined more by its members — especially trumpet player Charlie Shavers — than by the leader himself_ First seven tunes recorded live at the Famous Door in New York. The music is very much under control no wild improvisation but swinging. The repertoire includes many original compositions and several boogie woogie numbers. The unique trumpeter Charlie Shavers was the star of Kirby's band. He had an attack of pinpoint clarity and could mix a classical trill and triple-tonguing into strutting, confident jazz solos of remarkable power. Although a perfectionist, there is plenty of passion in his playing. He also wrote many tunes and arrangements for the band. This CD showcases the John Kirby Band at the height of its popularity in the mid-40's, when it could really amaze and surprise the audience.

John Kirby And His Orchestra

Do You Savvy?
Comin’ at the Zombie
John Kirby Special
Comin’ Back
At the Crossroads
Peanut Vendor
9:20 Special
Taking a Chance on Love
Desert Night
B Flat Special
I’ll Make Fun for You
K.C. Caboose
Boogie Woogie

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