John Kirby And His Sextet Vol. 1


From 1940 through 1944 Down Beat readers voted the Kirby Sextet the best small jazz group in America after the Benny Goodman Sextet. The Music on this trilogy of CD’s catches the band at its peak in 1941 and follows it along to the threshold of its decline. It bring together all the issued Kirby takes from a series of non-commercial recordings the band made for Associated Transcriptions from 1941 to 1944.

John Kirby And His Sextet

Little Brown
Close Shave
Mr. Haydn Gets Hep
Tweed Me Down
Rehearsin’ For A Nervous Breakkdown
Echoes Of Harlem
Then I’ll Be Happy
By The Waters Of Minnetonka
Ebony Rhapsody
Fantasy In Blue
Arabian Nightmare
The Kerry Dance
Original Dixieland One-Step
Minute Waltz
Cutting The Campus
Rhumba In The Dark
Lolly Gagging
More Over

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