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Live in Holland 1979

Legendary Clark Terry presents world class big band jazz




Clark Terry is one of the greatest and most important trumpeters in jazz history. Now, Storyville Records presents a live recording with his fantastic orchestra, Clark Terry’s Big Bad Band – Live in Holland 1979.

The whole band is in great form, and besides Clark Terry himself, this recording showcases many of the very best musicians from the heyday of big bands. The band is SWINGING, that also goes for CT’s introductions of the music and the band.


The live setting of this performance, containing 13 tracks, clearly inspires both CT and his 16-piece orchestra to even greater heights than in the studio. The performance culminates with the hit Mumbles, a track made famous during the many years CT was one of the leading members of “The Tonight Show Band”.


The repertoire presented here makes way for the entire band with arrangements by Phil Woods, Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington among others. CT is not just a brilliant soloist, but also a charming entertainer, engaging in friendly banter with both the musicians and the audience CT’s original style and technique has had a major influence on many great jazz musicians, including Wynton Marsalis, Art Farmer, Miles Davis and not least Quincy Jones, who has written a very personal piece for the liner notes, praising the lifelong mentorship of CT for many of the greatest American jazz musicians.


CT has played with both Count Basie’s and Duke Ellington’s orchestras. He made his mark on both orchestras with his great swing and as a soloist, both on the trumpet and the flugelhorn. CT continued from his stints with the aforementioned big bands to become one of the most beloved and sought-after soloists in the history of jazz. Both with his own orchestras and as a soloist with big bands globally.


CT died in 2015, at the age of 94, but his music is destined to live on forever. He has received numerous awards and honors, including a Grammy Award and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.


On Clark Terry’s Big Bad Band – Live in Holland 1979, the whole band is in fine form with a cheerful approach in every note played, amply illustrating why CT is considered to be one of the greatest trumpet players in the history of jazz.


This is Clark Terry’s Big Bad Band at its very best.

Clark Terry – director, trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals
Dale Carley, John Melito, Bob Montgomery and Oscar
Gamby – trumpet
Hal Crook, Buster Cooper, Chuck Conners and Richard
Boone – trombone
Chris Woods – alto saxophone and flugelhorn
Bill Saxton and Herman Bell – tenor saxophone
Charles Williams – alto saxophone
Charles Davis – baritone saxophone
Charles Fox – piano
Victor Sproles – bass
Dave Adams – drums

  1. A Toi
  2. Rabdi
  3. On the Trail
  4. Don’t Speak Now
  5. Blues All Day, Blues All Night
  6. Carney
  7. Rock-Skippin at the Blue Note
  8. Just Squeeze Me
  9. Jeep’s Blues
  10. Shell Game
  11. Mumbles
  12. Una Mas
  13. Take the A-Train


“…it is played and recorded flawlessly and some of the solos are really good. Clark Terry fans will definitely want this one.” – Art Music Lounge, Bailey


“Terry’s band is filled with fun, style and swing. A true pleasure, when music was able to put a smile on your face.” – Jazz Weekly, Harris


“Udgivelsen (…) præsenterer altså en moden kapelmester og et sublimt big band, der tager livtag med store standards (…) musikken swinger noget så uimodståeligt…” – **** – Rod, ivanrod.dk


“CT was a uniquely creative artist, an exceptionally skilled and original trumpet stylist whose influence on his contemporaries was extensive and lasting. It’s a joy to hear him again on this welcome release.” – Rainey, JazzJournal


“Dette er en times kræs for bigband-fans – men også for os, der holder af Terrys horn, charme og humor.” – Wolsgaard-Iversen, Jazz Special


“Not too surprisingly the music, which mixes together obscurities with such C.T. standbys as “On The Trail,” “Just Squeeze Me,” and “Take The ‘A’ Train,” swings joyfully throughout.” – Yanow, Scott, Los Angeles Jazz Scene 


“The quality of the arrangements, their finesse, the balance between the sections are evident from start to finish, as is the omnipresent swing.” – CHOC – Aboucaya, Jazz Magazine


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