New Views

A fascinating blend of music and science




New Views, by jazz bassist, composer and world-leading music brain scientist Peter Vuust in collaboration with the dynamic ensemble of Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.


The genesis of New Views traces back to 2021, when Aarhus Jazz Orchestra approached Peter Vuust with the idea of touring while he spoke on the intricate workings of the brain during jazz listening and performance. Originally intending to intersperse classic big band arrangements with scientific talks, Vuust and director/arranger Nikolai Bøgelund soon recognized the potential for a more engaging experience by showcasing Vuust’s original compositions.


Working alongside arranger and trumpet player Jesper Riis, Bøgelund crafted a signature set comprising Vuust’s compositions alongside three new songs tailored for this occasion. The result was a two-hour show that not only entertained but also educated audiences on the intricacies of music cognition.


New Views features ten of Vuust’s compositions, from the energizing afrobeat groove of Marrakech to the tender ballad Young Blue Eyes dedicated to Vuust’s son, the album traverses a spectrum of moods and rhythm. Tracks like High Five and Giving Birth highlight the virtuosity of the ensemble, while the album concludes with the contemplative The End of a Perfect Day, featuring a bass solo by Vuust himself.


Peter Vuust is an award-winning composer and bass player and has released seven albums as a solo artist, but this is his first record with a large-scale orchestra. Reflecting on the collaboration, Vuust expressed: “…to hear your own compositions arranged so beautifully and played by such an extraordinary set of musicians, each of them solo artists in their own right, is one of the most touching experiences of my career—an ambition I did not know, I had”.


With its blend of pleasure and learning, New Views, offers a captivating exploration of musical textures and emotions. Whether you’re a big band enthusiast or a music lover seeking new perspectives, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression!