Carsten Dahl Experience’s new CD “METAMORPHOSIS” was recorded in Oslo immediately after their concert at Molde Jazz Festival in July 2011. The pianist Carsten Dahl, saxophonist Jesper Zeuthen, bassist Nils “Bosse” Davidson and drummer Stefan Pasborg have once again created a unique  musical work that is relevant across, and beyond musical genres. The listener is invited into a universe, where the sound of silence opens itself up into a colorful spectrum of explosive improvisational pieces – performed and mastered in a manner never before seen or heard in a Danish group. The group manages to explore and challenge each other’s musicianship in their joint venture down the road of free improvisational jazz. This CD marks the group’s second release, and features music that contains elements of chaos and harmony performed by Dahl with his solid improvisations, Zeuthen’s balkanized sax and Pasborg’s and Davidsen’s consistent and rhythmic playing. Improvisational Jazz at its very best.


Carsten Dahl: Grand piano, percussion, stringinstrument and flute, Jesper Zeuthen: Altosax, Nils Davidsen: Bass, percussion and flute Stefan Pasborg: Drums and percussion

Recorded July 24, 2011

Bosses Song
Metamorphosis 1
Sing, Sing Loud
Nariman’s Mood
Metamorphosis 2
Metamorphosis 3
Abelone, Wo Bist Du?
Turkis Butterfly
Purple Wings
Abelone, Wo Bist Du .. Noch Einmal?
Balinesian Dance

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