Open Wide

A fusion of Nordic folk and jazz by vocalist and songwriter Kira Martini




Open Wide is the fourth solo album by Danish / Swedish jazz-vocalist and songwriter, Kira Martini.


On this recording, Martini serves us a handful of her own compositions in a borderland between genres – a fusion of Nordic folk and jazz with notes of the warm seventies songwriter sound and mentality, inspired by the likes of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake.


Open Wide is about facing life with an open mindset. Personally. Musically. It’s a soul-stirring fusion of genres, where Martini transcends boundaries and captivates listeners with her personal melodies and heartfelt stories. Her songs come from a place of need for outlet, and they are deeply personal experiences. She firmly believes that music is the strongest way to heal and connect.


Martini and her band takes us on an odyssey, exploring what happens when songwriting meets the free mentality of jazz, while touching themes like healing, transformation, love, friendship, anger and release.


Behind her she has a team of some of the finest musicians Danish jazz has to offer, including guitarist Johannes Wamberg, saxophonist Jakob Dinesen, bassist Anders Fjeldsted and drummer Morten Ærø. They all hold a special place in her heart for their way of bringing themselves into every note, and being present in shaping and coloring the music. Besides the band, she has invited some special guests and dear friends to join as features on different tracks.


Kira Martini has established herself as a prominent figure in the Scandinavian music scene over the past decade, known for her true warm voice, frank ways and versatility. In recognition of her talent, she was awarded the prestigious Palæ Jazz Award in 2023.