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The Hidden Ladies of Jazz

The debut album from the Sisters of Jazz





Vocal jazz

Sisters of Jazz is a dynamic all-female ensemble consisting of bandleader and renowned vocalist Anna Pauline, Danish Music Award-nominee saxophonist Pernille Bévort, accomplished trombonist Lis Wessberg, virtuosic pianist Catrine Ullerup Frølund, versatile bassist Ida Hvid and Ben Webster Prize winner, drummer Benita Haastrup.


The project began in 2014, when jazz singer, composer and lyricist Anna Pauline, as a bandleader, was commissioned to put together a band consisting solely of female musicians for a concert during International Women’s Day. The concert, which was a great success, led to the formation of the current Sisters of Jazz. This debut album consists of 13 tracks, one of them sung in Danish and another in Swedish.


On this recording, they embark on a musical journey that celebrates and pays tribute to the contributions of oft-forgotten female jazz composers and musicians like Nancy Hamilton, Ann Ronell, Marian McPartland and Mary Lou Williams – just to name a few! Many of these female musicians are incredibly important stylists in jazz, who in turn paved the way for others and have been mentors to several of the jazz icons considered role models of jazz; Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Coltrane and many others.


Sisters of Jazz brings together six remarkable women, who share an unwavering passion for jazz music. Individually, they have won accolades and garnered attention for their exceptional talents, but it is their collective energy that truly sets them apart. Their unique blend of musical prowess and unwavering dedication to highlighting the hidden ladies of jazz, who may not have received the proper limelight during their lifetime, is quite frankly inspiring.


Beyond paying homage to the underappreciated female jazz legends, Sisters of Jazz aim to contribute to the evolution of jazz music in the modern era. With their collective musicianship and individual voices, Pauline, Bévort, Wessberg, Frølund, Hvid and Haastrup are breaking barriers and redefining what it means to be women in jazz. Their performance on this album is characterized by fearless exploration, pushing the boundaries of convention, and embracing the freedom of expression that jazz offers. Through their interpretations of the works of the composers covered on this project, the ensemble showcases their profound respect for jazz history while bringing a fresh perspective to their compositions.


Sisters of Jazz’s commitment to celebrating the female jazz composers and their inspiring approach to jazz has garnered the attention of critics and audiences alike. By paying their respect to the past and shaping the future for women in jazz, Sisters of Jazz aim to leave an indelible mark on the jazz landscape!

Anna Pauline – vocals

Pernille Bévort – saxophone

Lis Wessberg – trombone

Catrine Ullerup Frølund – piano

Ida Hvid – bass

Benita Haastrup – drums

  1. Walkin’ and Swingin’
  2. How High the Moon
  3. Who Are You
  4. In the Days of Our Love
  5. Oriental Swing
  6. Willow Weep for Me
  7. I’ll Never Smile Again
  8. I Aften
  9. My Journey to the Sky
  10. Sov Du Lilla Videung
  11. The Five Pennies
  12. This Will Make You Laugh
  13. It’s A Good Day

“Deres versionering af de gamle standards swinger, så man uvilkårligt swinger med… (…) …sekstetten som helhed – udviser åbenlyst en sans for swingjazzen og dens kvaliteter.” – **** – Rod, ivanrod.dk


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