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A magical meeting of three different generations


Magical meeting of three different generations, cultures and personalities that creates their own personal universe of sound, wide palette of colors which floats on top of ever evolving energetic field. Even though they come from different backgrounds, they share the urge to always discover the unknown, to speak within the moment and to gravitate towards past and future through improvisation. Their performance is full of strong energy, beautiful melodies, soundscapes of their homeland natures and respect to tradition of music. The music on this album is fully improvised (except ‘konge og bajads’ composed by Carsten Dahl). This album is dedicated to the late great Jan Erik Kongshaug and Carsten’s beloved wife Charlotte.

Carsten Dahl – piano

Ole Morten Vågan – double bass

Ivars Arutyunyan – drums

  1. field walking
  2. discover
  3. destiny
  4. that old and rambling soul
  5. the storyteller
  6. corners
  7. the light within
  8. prism
  9. the fire underneath
  10. konge og bajads
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