Will You Make My Soup Hot & Silver

This is Carsten's first recording as a leader. The choice of material is excellent; mostly selected from the classic jazz repertoire, but given a surprisingly fresh treatment. Although the influences of the great masters Ahmad Jamal and Bill Evans are visible in his playing, Carsten's own voice with its uncluttered, thoughtful linear approach is the dominate factor on this CD. He has a unique style of his own. There is the feeling of simplicity in the motifs and statements that are both soothing and catching to the ear. One can sense something personal is being offered. There is a definitive continuity throughout this recording with genuine creativity being applied to classic songs as well as two fresh original compositions. The swinging time and different rhythmic patterns supplied by the imaginative drum and percussion work of Frands Rifbjerg and his section partner Lennart Ginman, laying down a carpet of beautiful time, and choice bass notes. – No pretence, just wonderful music played with good taste!!! Enjoy!