’Sagn’ in English means ‘saga’, and is a narrative or legend founded in the oral tradition. Many sagas were written down much later than they first originated, then finally published in collections of folklore. Here you will hear a kind of music that Carsten Dahl ‘downloads’ in the moment, with no agenda or deliberation involved in the creative process. In a timeless state where he lets his own, inner soundboard resonate to the sound of the universal language that flows as energy,continuously offering information about the eternal. Using only his right hand, the music was recorded in one, long take (or flow), with no post-editing.

Carsten Dahl is today considered one of the most innovative and genius improvising musicians. His substantial talent seems to be unlimited. Freely expressions within the jazz tradition and an almost scary level of originality and narrative ability, he composes orchestral works and plays as a multiinstrumentalist in his own productions. Through time, he has appeared on more than 300 CD’s and received a countless number of prizes and praises by critics all over the world.